Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Red leaves in the turquoise sunrise

  Been neglecting the blog again for awhile...just not enough time, and if a bit of time, no energy...
  I did 3 paintings last week to turn in to the current show at Artel art gallery in Pensacola. My great encourager Linda Kernick has been telling me for some time that I need to join and enter some of their shows.
  Well I took 3 paintings over there and 1 got in the show which is awesome(because they jury tightly so its hard to get in) and on top of that the painting won an award for "Most experimental' - I will show it to you tomorrow.
  Both this painting and tomorrows started out the same. I started with an 18 by 24 inch cradled board and put 3 layers of clear wax as a base.
  Next I painted 3 colors/shades of turquoise for the background - the darkest shade at the bottom.
   Next I did 3 layers of leaves (yellow=ginko, red is from various trees in my yard and around my neighborhood) - with a clear wax layer or 2 in between each layer.
   The side are painted black.
                                                                                 That is where I stopped with this painting. I was trying for more of a wind swirled effect with the leaves and didn't quite make what I wanted but I really like how it turned out anyhow!!
All for today- going to sit and do some reading on my computer...I ran a few errands today, an got my hair cut and permed, walked the pups (Tom walked them early this am as I couldn't seem to wake up...and then I got a walk this afternoon), between the 2 of us Tom and I did a couple loads of laundry, and he ran to Pensacola for me to pick up the 2 paintings that didn't get in the show at Artel.
  Still have to make the bed and start something for super but first some reading...
   Take Care

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