Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sea Storm

   A sunny good morning to everyone today, even if my post is a bit 'stormy'.
  Worked for awhile in my studio yesterday and finished off this stormy ocean painting. I almost finished off another but couldn't get one to work just right so will need to work on that one next week....
  Encaustic with clear shellac (clear tinted with blue india ink) and a bit of carving for the lightning . I used silver for the first try and it really didn't show very well so I did some more with a pearly white and that is better. Kinda cool in that the silver lightning looks like its far in the distance....

  I spent a lot of time yesterday retaking pictures of my art, editing and uploading to a new site that I am trying.
RedBubble is a site that uses images and prints them onto everything from t-shirts and hoodies to scarves, phone covers, lap top skins, bags, pillows and leggings.
  If you would like , pop over and check it out.
  site =
  user name = Tera Fujan
    All for now - Have a great day!!!!

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