Friday, February 24, 2017

Meditation Pool

   I had planned on posting this earlier this week but our internet has been out - time to get rid of our current provider, one too many times....
  I finished this painting on Wednesday after teaching my Zentangle class with the CLL group.
  I finished off the sides with wood stain this time and like how it looks (with this one at least)
   I started with several layers of regular wax to prime the board and then added layers of 3 shades of teal/turquoise blues - with the darker tones at the edges.
  Next I added 3 layers of fall leaves in a ripple  pattern with layers of clear wax between .I  also added blue wax swirls at one point a few layers from the top.
  The center piece is a piece of clay that I molded from a desk top reproduction of the Labyrinth at the Cathedral in Chartress France - the original being used by the monks for hundreds of years for meditation. Labyrinths also symbolize a journey and can help with life changes a journey of the spirit.
  The clay piece is white with blue colored shellac applied and burned on, and I added some blue shellac ripples to the pond also and did a light burn....
  I really like this painting a lot - for now it is for sale on my Vango Art site - (user name Tera Fujan) and you can also find it on RedBubble - (user name  - TeraFujan - no space) - the Red Bubble site gives you the option of a print, or different things made with the pattern of the painting - like leggings, shirts, pillows ect.....
   All for me today - got to gather a few things to take with me to the studio tomorrow.
      Take Care

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