Saturday, August 12, 2017


    Well I have been working on a few projects here at home and was waiting to get some better pics by taking them to the studio and yesterday I decided to just take pics here at home therefore the picture quality isn't all the greatest....
   Recently one of our neighbors moved and left 3 large candle holders for me - the parts that hold the candles were all rusted and falling apart but the rest of the stand were in pretty good shape.
The hubby cut off the flat candle plates and I proceeded to refinish and decorate them.
  This one is the smallest of the 3 - only about 2.5 feet tall- once decorated it is now about 3.5 feet tall and oh so cool.
   I spray painted the candle holder, and the birdcage and a wooden tray with black and then a layer of glitter and then some acrylic sealer.
  I attached the wood tray with hard as nails and a short strip of wood on either side of the candle holder to hold the wood tray more level and sturdier.
  I glued the birdcage on with E6000.
  The birds are chipboard forms from Michaels that I sprayed with some gold and silver glimmer spray and then used 2 colors of rust paint from Tim Holtz to grunge them up. I then decorated the birds with pretty feathers gears, clock hands and film strip(from Tim Holtz also) and on the silver one a small pendant for a necklace.
  I used some clay molds and  gold clay for the decorations on the birdcage and sides of the wood platform.
  I love the way this one turned out!!!
    All for today - more to come!!!
                                            Take Care

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