Sunday, August 13, 2017

Winters hold weakens

   Another of this weeks finished projects for you....
This is the tallest of the candle holders that I altered. I painted it with 2 shades of rust paint, as I did the birdcage and the tray under the birdcage and then sprayed them all with acrylic sealer.
  The mannequin form was painted with cold wax and oils. Once dry I added some clay pieces from a mold I made of 'helicopter seed' - sycamore I believe. I collected a whole pile the last time I was home at my Mom's. The ones we have here in Florida have really tiny seeds and Mom's tree up north has huge ones!!!
  I used one clay piece as a necklace and a bunch on her back for wings, and then several scattered on the tray also.
   My hubby, son and I tried out new kayaks yesterday morning which was fun - I can feel my arms a bit this am but not too bad. We have had the kayaks about 3 weeks but with all the rain we hadn't gotten them out yet.
   We put in at a little strip of beach on the bay only about 5 minutes from our house, we were out about 40 minutes as it was a bit windy and we didn't want to over do was a lot of fun!!!
     All for this am - need to get a move on.....
         Take Care

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