Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Harley photoshop 12

  Well I finally squeezed a bit of time to really play with some photos and the new Photoshop Elements 12.
I was using Photoshop 6 and had been thinking of upgrading for a long time and when I found it on sale at Office Depot - combined with a coupon from their rewards program - it was too good to pass up. AND I am taking a class at CLL (Center for Lifelong Learning - an all volunteer organization that sponsors  2 sessions a year with a wide variety of classes from local talented and knowledgeable individuals :)
   So the very first picture is one I took of the hubbys Harley - straight up with no edits and the rest are a wide variety of edits - the second photo being a simple balance fix, and I cant remember which ones are which but I have used black and white, sepia, old photo, vintage photo, sketch, noise....and maybe some I don't remember.
  Basically I just played with all the different filters and effect and saving the ones I liked - the ones I did list above were the ones I used most often. I took a boatload of close-ups of DH's bike and did similar as I did with this one with about 15 of them :) - its pretty easy to get pulled in an lose a few hours time LOL :)
   All for tonight - Take Care

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