Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Quilt style locker hook

    I finished off this rug last night - I took a quilt pattern that I have seen and tried to do it in the locker hook. I thought it turned out pretty good - I do need to fine tune just a bit where the points meet in the center but overall I like the pattern.
   The finished size is approximately 28 by 34 inches and this one took me 59 and 1/2 hours to do. The last one this size had a smaller pattern and more switching of colors and took me about 10 hours more work to finish.
  I have 2 rugs that I want to do for Christmas presents that I will be starting next and I plan to use this pattern - I am going to try and cut the fabric in 1 yard increments so I can keep track better of how much fabric goes into one of these rugs.
  I took some time and played with wax again today  - wont have a good block of time again for wax until next week so I will put it all away tonight so I can have a bit of elbow room in my craft space. I am planning on cutting fabric tomorrow for my next 2 rugs (they will use the same pattern and fabrics ...but I will vary which colors are the triangles though)
  All for tonight - Take Care

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