Wednesday, April 30, 2014

SUNSHINE and flowers!!!


   Well after 2 days of HEAVY rain and some of the most incredible thunderstorms I have ever seen - the light and sound effects were unbelievable and the storms just went on and on and on - 10 - 12 hours worth - totally amazing!!!,  I was disappointed that I was at work those 2 nights because our windows  at work are blocked by a nearby wall and we are tucked away on the first floor and can hardly hear anything (I made sure to pop out to the side windows a couple times just to get a look) - Today we got a bit of sunshine before another batch of cloudiness set in.
   My clematis are blooming really nice this year so I quickly ran out into the soggy, puddled yard and took a whole bunch of pictures. This first picture is my favorite of the day :)
   I am cleaning house today and running a couple errands and hanging out with my boys - DS is out of school today and tomorrow due to flooded roads in the area and the DH is off work for the same reason but I should make it to the craft room tomorrow to finish off a few projects to show you soon :)
    Take Care

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