Friday, December 19, 2014

A rug for Grandma

  I hope everyone had a great Christmas season - is everyone all decorated, baked, and shopped out yet :)
  My DS got home from college yesterday - and the pups are loving the extra attention. My DD is in route driving and will be home tomorrow evening. Glad I have the weekend off!!!
  I finished off this rug about mid December and sent it off to my MIL for Christmas - since she has already opened her present I will go ahead and show you all now :)
    I did this locker hook rug with cotton fabrics and used a quilt style pattern called 'log cabin',  and really like how it turned out!!! It is edged in black and the individual panels are outlined in black and then I filled in with tans, browns and blues.
   I have already started another rug that my Mom asked me to make - I usually work on my rugs in the evening on the couch while watching tv (if I am not coloring anyhow).
  I got to figuring and I probably have enough material of several types to make at least 5 rugs - I am collecting jeans for a couple denim ones and there have been some good stuff at the thrift shops lately  - when I can get good stuff for great low prices I grab it - but I spose I had better stop that for a bit as I am running out of room to store it all.....
   All for now - Have a great weekend!!!!

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