Saturday, July 23, 2016

Ocean Blue

  Well it hasn't really been a busy week - I just wasn't very organized and have several projects in the works so not too much to show you all....
  I did finish up this vase a couple days ago. I took a plain glass vase and spray painted it a medium blue. I then put on a couple layers of workable fixative and then went to work with a couple sharpie fine point markers.
  I used a dark blue and a light blue sharpie and first drew the outlines of the waves and the sunset and then I filled in the spaces with tangles.
  After I was done with the tangles I put on several more layers of the workable fixative and then 2 layers of acrylic sealer.
  This vase is very usable but not dishwasher safe - soft damp clothe clean only.
  I have a ton of jars, vases and bottles in my stash these days and you will be seeing a few more as time goes on....
  All for the day - I am headed out here in a bit to the studio to play for awhile.
  Have a great weekend!!!

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