Sunday, July 24, 2016

....heartache on heartache....(blue on blue...)

  I spent a large chunk of time at the studio yesterday working on this and a couple other pieces and then another couple hours today to finish this one off.
  This encaustic wax piece was done for our next local art show, the theme of which is 'Shades of blue" - no turquoise, teal, bluegreen, blue violet ect....
  I started with many layers of light blue and dark blue and then for the flowers I carved into the wax . For the clouds I carved in and then melted with the heat gun to get the swirly clouds.
   I rally should have cleaned house this weekend but didn't feel like it , got a good amount done in the studio though :)
  Time to think about making dinner, and the pups want outside again :)
  Have a great week!!!!

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