Thursday, July 7, 2016

Leaves in ice.

  A short good morning here as I need to get myself on to work this am....
  Showing you the first of 2 leaf paintings with encaustic - I did some playing with a big leaf 'stencil' that I cut out of cardboard and then did some etching and added some more definition with a paint the end I thought it looked like layers of leaves encased in ice....
  Still hot as all get out here in NW Florida but got the pups a short walk last night and managed about half hour pulling weeds before giving in.
  The hubby is home today - we are getting a new AC today so hopefully our electric bill will drop a bit....our old one was on very borrowed time and I am just glad it didn't die before we got it arranged to get the new one in.....
   All for now - Take Care

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