Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Locker hook daisys - lots of pictures!!

   Some of these pictures I have had up before but now that I am mostly finished with this locker hook wall hanging I thought I would show them all at once again.
  All I have left to do is put a backing on it and I want to do some cloth hooks to hang it with too....
   In case you don't know what this is  - it is called locker hook. It uses a mesh canvus and strips of fabric. With a large hook tool (like a crochet hook on one end but an eye on the other to thread a string through) You pull loops of fabric up from below and then draw the string through the loops with the tool to 'lock' the loops on place.
  I used a 30 by 36 inch piece of mesh (it gets a bit smaller in the end due to turning under of the edging and just with working it)
   I first drew the pattern I wanted with a sharpie marker and then I did the edges and another square along the edges to add a bit more of a 'frame' feel to it. Then I started by doing all the centers of the flowers - mostly because they were the same fabrics as the edges.
  Each of the flowers I chose 4 to 5 fabrics and tried to stay in the same tones - the bottom right hand one I used more gold tones, bottom left I used more orangey browns ect..... I did each petal in one fabric and alternating the fabrics in order, so the petals would show up better.
  I edged the whole piece in yellows and added some yellow fringe to the bottom edge of the hanging.
   I did the sky in mostly teal and tourquose colors because I like the way they contrast the yellows.
I did add 2 darker spots of dark blue and dark teal for some 'clouds' and later added some white fun furr over stitched for some more 'clouds'.
   Once I had all the locker hook done I did some over stitching - mainly the flower centers. I added an old button to the center of each flower and then over stiched with fuzzy yellows and brown yarns to make the centers of the flowers pop just a bit.
   All for today - Take Care

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ChristineCreations said...

This is amazing! What beautiful handiwork!