Sunday, April 21, 2013

B-52's and the Doolitle Raiders

   Well my hometown had the Honor of hosting the last public reunion of the Doolittle Raiders this last week and it was a busy week.
   We had friends in town and the DH and his buddy went to one of the reunion luncheons as well as one of the Autograph/meet and greet sessions. Both my kiddos assisted with the 3 dinners as part of their High School ROTC and my DD also marched in the Hero's parade with the HS ROTC.
   There were 5 B-25's in town on display and available for paid flights. 3 of them did fly over for the parade and circled that end of town for over and hour. Most of the 'in-flight' pics were from our friends hotel room on the 7th floor and a couple from the flight-line out at Destin. (there are also a couple pics of several other old planes also participating )
   The very first picture is of 3 of the 4 remaining Raiders (not in order) Lt. Colonel Richard E. Cole,
S/SGT. David J Thatcher and Lt.Colonel Edward J Saylor.
   Thanks to these brave men and many others over the years who have served!!!!
       Have a great week!

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