Friday, April 26, 2013

Puppy play

   A very pretty morning here in NW Florida - nice and cool - went walking with a friend of mine and her dog (and the baby :). Our dogs get along really well and love to run, so we took them to the small beach near us.
  Her dog loves the water and loves to swim but Kyna isn't too sure about the water yet - she jumps right in after her buddy, but doesn't go very far and only once did she get out far enough to have to swim.
  I was taking these pics on my phone and couldn't even see the screen so was rather surprised that they turned out so well :)
   I got a phone call from my boss at 630 am asking if I would please work tonight - I surprised myself and said yes - something I rarely do anymore is work extra, it just seems to take so much energy to do that extra 12 hour shift - especially since this will put me 3 in a row...not to mention all the stuff at home that doesn't get done.....ah well a bit extra on the paycheck is nice now and then too....
   Well I had bette get a move on - I do have a couple things that I want to try and get done today....
      Have a great weekend!!!

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Vicki Chrisman said...

OHHHHH I love those photos!!! I wish I would have been there with my pups tooo!