Monday, March 2, 2015

Acrylic and encaustics

  Well I feel like the 3 days I had off wasn't near enough to catch up after working 5 of 6  12 hour night shifts last week (and my one day off I stayed up all day after work until that night) - one of these days I will fixing to lay down for my pre-night shift nap here as soon as I am done typing so that should help a bit :)
  A bit more catching up - the first 3 pics are of a piece I finished off in an acrylics class with CLL that focused on textures and special techniques  - I have a couple more from that class that aren't finished yet....
               I started this piece by painting the random colors all over the canvus, then added some texture with some gesso, then the birds were done with a stencil and gesso. Then I started playing with a bit of zentangle with a paint brush and black paint on the background. Lastly I used a fine sharpie to tangle the birds (the gesso does gunk up the tip of the fine sharpie so you need to clean it a lot as you go).
  Actually I say it is done but I am thinking I will be adding it to an encaustic piece I have been thinking of.....
  Speaking of encaustic - the last 2 pics are of my studio space rented from a friend at a building of her and her hubbys that will have studio space in the one room and a gallery in the other big room. I just moved my stuff in this last week and had a bit of time to play there this weekend.....
   All for today - hope to be back here Wednesday or Thursday - working tonight and tomorrow....and speaking of that, it is defiantly NAP Time!!!
   Take Care

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