Monday, March 30, 2015

Mermaid baby - gift box and memory book

   Posting a sweet little project this am using a Sweet Pea Stamps image by Ching Chou Kuik.
  I just love this little mermaid and her baby and decided to make them into a gift box and memory book.
  I took a chipboard  book with 8 pages and covered it with pretty papers in purple and green and then covered the box in some of the same papers to match.
  Then I colored up the image 3 times the same way for the box, book and a matching card for gifting.
   I decorated with some seashells and some sweet little bead circles to accent their pretty faces. I just love making up boxes like these for babys and weddings - all they have to do is add their own pictures and they have a memory book with its own keepsake box to match. Such fun!!!
  Well the weekend was a busy one for me - both my kiddos headed back to college after spring break and I wont see my daughter now till the end of June - she leaves the day after school is out for 6 weeks in Germany for a 'study-abroad' program. She is taking both German and Spanish as minors (possibly for majors) so it is a great opportunity for her. Both my kids were born in Germany when we were stationed there with the military, and my daughter spoke  German as well as she spoke English before we came back - but she was only 3, and a big talker :) so it should come back to her a bit easier.
  Saturday I had a art/craft fair at our local Arts and Design society which is always a lot of fun not only being able to market my treasures for a reasonable table fee but to hang out with the artsy crowd for the day too :)!!
  Yesterday I was a bit lazy and hung around the house and in the craft room - caught up on a few phone calls while I was puttering around trying to get my craft room back in some working order after spring break :).
  Well - I am off to run an errand or 2 this am and then a bit of craft time before I have to go to work tonight. I have 4 shifts to work and then I have a week off - and I have plans to spend than week almost totally in my craft room and studio :) SOOOO looking forward to it!!!!
   Have a great day!!!

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