Saturday, March 14, 2015

Back pain tangles


    Well I know its a strange title for my post today but I have been layed up the last few days with a sore back - I have been fighting my back for about a month and it just hurt but I pushed on through, last week I finally went to the clinic and the Doc gave me a muscle relaxer which I hadn't used too much because it makes me so sleepy/groggy/foggy.
Then over the weekend I worked 4  12 hour night shifts in a row (and not taking the muscle relaxer so I wouldn't be foggy at work) and by Wednesday am when I got off work I was really hurting - took the full dose of the muscle relaxer (I usually only take half cause it works just as well without quite as much fog) and slept most of the day away, was up for a few hours and at 'normal' bedtime took another dose and slept all night.(hoping to feel better on Thursday...).
   I got up Thursday am and was still hurting/stiff/sore but planed to take the dogs for a walk and do my stretches and see what I could get done for the day - bent over to pick something up and couldnot stand back up - ended up laying down on the floor and slowly working through my set of stretches and was able to get up and get around - well this was Thursday so I spent a lot of time around the house either sleeping or sitting on the couch with the heating pad on my back throughout Thursday and Friday (called in sick to work Friday night) and am happy to say that today I am moving a fair amount better.
   So while I was sitting on the couch I pulled out my zentangle and my colored pencils - I colored up some images from Sweet Pea Stamps that I will show you when I get them made into their projects and then I did these 3 tangles. I will make copies of these and put some color on them and make them up into projects too but thought I would show you how they look right now.
  Often with my tangles I will hold onto the original and make copies of it to play with - adding color and such - mainly because I have some many ideas how to color each one that making copies allows me to play more :).
  All for today - have several projects that need doing around the house - crafty stuff for today (sadly I have a good excuse to delay the house work for another day or so....)
   Take Care

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Shirley said...

Wow, Tera, you are the queen of zentangle. I wish I could do this. I can't wait to see how you color them. Thanks for the welcome back too. I sure hope your back improves. Mine gets sore when I lift too much. That can be so painful. What I do is bend over and feel for the area that is sore and gently pat and rub it with my hands, but your sounds like may be more serious. Hugs,