Friday, December 25, 2015

More Turtle

  A Merry Christmas to everyone!!! We opened gifts last night and slept late this am. A foggy, muggy, 75 degrees here this am for a walk with our pups. I have a long piece of leather with jingle bells on it and the other day my DS put them around my big boys neck and he seemed to like it and the bells sounded so Christmassy that I had him wear it for our walk this am - so jingling all the way :)
  One more turtle to show you today - This one I made a copy of the second tangle I did with this turtle and then colored him with colored pencils.
   The base drawing for this turtle is from a book I got off Amazon called "Tangle Easy - Wildlife Designs" and I filled him with tangles.
In my previous post I showed you 2 different ways I tangled him and then I decided to try and color him in. I like how he turned out.
  All for today - Christmas movies on TV and hanging with my kiddos!!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!!

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