Sunday, December 20, 2015

Zentangle Turtle

  A good Sunday morning to you - a chilly 35 degrees but sunny here in NW Florida. The pups took us for our walk and now for a bit of computer time :)
  I am doing up some samples for my upcoming Zentangle classes in January.
  The turtle outline is from a book I found on Amazon called "Tangle Easy - Animals" They have the outline of a bunch of animals and some samples so you can see how others have tangled them.
   The second picture is my first version and the last few pics are of my second version which I like better. With the first version I just randomly tangled  but with the second version I tried to use the lighter ones on the top of the turtles shell and darker ones around the edge and others areas that would normally be shaded. I think if I do another one that I wont try to fill in all the small blocks on his legs with different tangles - to me it looks a bit cluttered - maybe pick a tangle that has a darker and lighter version and use that for the whole legs.....
  In other news... I really liked the new Star Wars movie! My DH thought it was more like a "rerun" and in some ways he is right but that didn't take away from me enjoying it immensely!!!! (well except for my very favorite character Han Solo getting killed anyhow - that broke my heart a bit, its hard to imagine  Star Wars without him!!!)
  All for today - will probably be doing some shopping with my DD later today....
     Take Care

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