Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Lady in wax

  Well my blog has been a bit neglected lately - lots of excuses....work - was just getting myself organized for 8 hour shifts and now we have switched to 10 hour shifts so I need to reorganize again....2 I am almost done getting a couple classes together. I am going to be teaching a few Zentangle classes coming in January - one on Thursdays for our local CLL - adult learning, one at the gallery where my studio is as a paying class on Saturday mornings and one on Saturday afternoons that I am doing for free for 'Wounded Warriors ' and other military folk.
  Fortunately I can use basically the same lesson plans but for 'Wounded Warrior' I made up pamphlets' to hand out on base and that took me a while to get done ......and the last excuse is that the kiddos are home for Christmas break so I will be spending some time hanging out with them.
  Should have a few things to show you in the next couple weeks and then after the first of the year I hope to be back to more regular postings.
  Todays project is a 6 by 6 inch encaustic wax piece in a 10 by 10 inch frame. I did some photo transfers onto paper, and glued it to the base board and then added about 5 layers of wax. I then used a stencil for the blue wax. The blue blurred just a touch but I really like the depth of this piece it almost feels like I can look 'around' the images. It was fun to do!!!
   Well I need to get off to work now - Have a great day!!!

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