Saturday, December 19, 2015


  Well a busy Saturday here for me - even though we slept late(well for us anyhow - 7 am and the pups actually let us :) I have managed to get a bit done long walk with the Hubby and pups, cleaned my bathroom, did dishes, doing  laundry, baked some treats for an open house tonight, watered my plants and then got cleaned up.
  I am still hoping to get some presents wrapped and a couple other things done but am taking a quick break for lunch and a short stop here at my lately neglected blog....
  Showing you another encaustic piece today - I first transferred some images onto paper and then colored them with pencils. Then I glued it to a 6 by 6 inch board and when it was dry I coated it with about 5/6 layers of clear wax. Last I used  stencil to make the blue flourish with wax. I used gold metallic pen on the edges - wasn't sure if it would work on the wax but so far so good:) I then framed her in a 10 by 10 inch frame with a dark blue mattboard backing.
   Lots of busy going on here - I am starting to teach some 'Zentangle' classes at HH Arts in January and also for our local CLL starting in later January. I have also set up to teach some free Zentangle classes for 'Wounded Warrior' also starting later in January. I am hopeful for a good turn out for them all so wish me luck!!! So far I have all my lessons planned out for all 3 classes and am doing up a few samples to show. I need to get back in studio and craft room soon - haven't played with my wax in awhile!!!.
  Last but certainly not least - the family and I are going to see the new STAR WARS tonight - so excited!!! I saw the very first Star Wars at the drive in with my family as a kid, everyone but my Dad and I fell asleep and my Dad kept imitating Chewbacca..... I have always loved sci fi and was a Trekkie from a very young age of 5 or 6 and love Star Wars as much or more!!!
   Well better get a move on here - Take Care

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