Monday, January 18, 2016

Cold wax play

   Enjoying my Holiday Monday off - nice to work for da government :)
   I had some time to play in my studio yesterday and broke out the cold wax I bought myself for Christmas.
  The first picture is a small 8 by 8 inch cradled board that I first did with traditional encaustic (hot) wax with sky and clouds theme in mind....
  The second picture is after I played a bit with the cold wax and some sunset colors. Not sure if it is completely 'done' yet but will sit and look at it a bit before I decide.
  The third picture I also started with a blue sky/cloud theme with encaustic wax but I neglected to get a 'before' pic, so this is after I played with the sunset. This one is a 12 by 12 inch cradled board, and I am pretty sure I will be adding to this one even if it is only a thin line of trees and a low horizon line.....
   Even though my blog is still being fairly neglected I assure you I am  a busy person - in addition to work and getting the pups a daily walk (mostly anyhow - sometimes the hubby gets them out in the am for me) I have started going to water aerobics 2 evenings a week - knees and hips just hurt too much for most land base stuff right now - even the elliptical or the bike and I really need to see if I can correct that - get stronger, more flexible and maybe less painful.....
  I am also teaching a class with out local "CLL - Center for LifeLong Learning" - an all volunteer group that teaches a wide variety of classes - my boss at work was nice enough to arrange the same day off for me every week(working 10 hour shifts so only work 4 a week) so I could teach this time!!!
   I also have offered up 2 classes at the Art Gallery where my studio is - both Zentangle but the Saturday afternoon one is a free class for 'Wounded Warrior/Active Duty and Retired Military - sadly with little response to either. My ''Tangled Warrior" class starts this next Saturday so maybe I will gather a few folks interested before the week is up.
   Oh and certainly not least is doing a few projects for the Paper Temptress Design Team too - you will be seeing some of them soon....tomorrow in fact :)....
   All for today - Have a great evening!!!

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