Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fiery Sunset

   Showing you today a small wax painting with a big punch of sunset colors.
   This little beauty measures 6 1/4 inch square and I started with a base of encaustic wax with sky colors and a few wisps of white clouds. Then I decided to play with a new toy I got myself for Christmas - cold wax.
  Cold was is still wax but is a thick paste that is cloudy clear and really picks  up the color from oil paints big time - learned that pretty fast.
  Then you can 'paint ' it on with a palette knife or brushes - this one was done mostly with palette knife type tools and a little brush work.
  I did several up the same day but plan on adding to the other - I decided to leave this one just as it was.
   I will definitely be playing with the cold wax a lot more!!!
  All for today - off to work and then water aerobics after work.....
   Take Care

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