Thursday, April 13, 2017

Elephant sunset

  It has been one of those weeks that felt very busy but I really didn't accomplish much except get to work and walk the much for my not so big plans to get a bit of cleaning done each day......
   I had to walk my pups both with their chain collars back on today because my big boy took off after a cat yesterday and got away from me - twisting my knee rather painfully at the same time and then started barking loudly(he doesn't know any other type of barking I guess) at the poor guy whose yard he chases the cat into - fortunately I was close behind him and the guy was used to big dogs and didn't back to the chain poke collars for awhile - I cant have him getting away from me and neither my knee or shoulder can tolerate much yanking - walking is tough today....
  Anyway - another of my paintings with alcohol inks and stencils. I used a large elephant stencil with wood putty and then when it was dry I used the torch on the wood putty to give it some darker color.
   Next came the alcohol inks. When dry I added a layer of shellac and did a burn and more drying time. I taped off a row along the top and added encaustic wax above and below the taped off section and then added a small row of red microbeads.
  The last thing I did was to add resin to the part that I taped off.
   I really like how all these are turning out - another cool turtle one is up for you tomorrow.
  And of course you can find the original paintings up on my Vangoart site and they are also up on my Redbubble site for prints, cards, shirts, phone covers scarves......
   Have a great day!!!

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