Friday, April 14, 2017

Turtle territory

  IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!
  Another painting for you today - by the way all these recent paintings with the stencils and alcohol inks are 11 by 14 inches - and 13 by 16 inches when framed.
  I started this one as the others with a turtle stencil and some stencil paste and once dry I used alcohol inks to color the turtles and the background.
  And that is where I stopped (well almost ) with this one so no wax and no beads. I covered the entire painting with a thick coat of resin which really makes the colors pop - alcohol inks are bright as it is but the resin just adds to the effect!!!
   Really pretty - matter of fact it makes a great take top - I ordered one for myself off my Redbubble site and I just LOVE it!!!!
  The fabric they use is really nice and seems very well made and it really looks great!!!!
   All for me today - Have a great weekend!!!
                                                                                          P.S. The 'Mango Koi' painting looks great as a tank top too - LOVE IT TOO!!!!

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