Tuesday, April 4, 2017

No explanation needed.....

  Been a busy few weeks here - spring break 2 weeks in a row , first my sons and then my daughters and we even had relatives in town during the second week also - lots of fun, beach and good food!!!
  This post is a bit long in pictures but if you just want to see the finished product then scroll on to the end of the post....
  I layered yellow then red, then black with silver on top and then started carving.
  I got the lave look idea from a fellow artist who did a really cool lava painting and the doorway idea was from the up coming theme at ARTEL gallery in Pensacola.
    I used a clay mold of a Zombie head from around the doorway - I used cold wax for the eyes and a rust rub on paste to add a bit of ...something :).
   The dorr 'handles' were done with a 3D pen that my son got for me for Christmas. The 'leaves' of fire on the tree were also done with cold wax.
  What is behind the door you say - well - no explanation needed I say.....
"No explanation needed..." is the tittle.
   All for tonight - time to lounge on the couch a bit before bedtime :)
     Take Care

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