Saturday, April 29, 2017

Cinnamon toast

   I finished this painting last weekend but just got around to taking pictures of it today....Encaustic wax with the addition of some ground cinnamon - boy did it smell good when I added it to the hot wax and when fusing it!!! Like a honey cinnamon!!!!
  Another cool thing about the way this one turned out is the figures I am finding as I look at it more - like the brown panda bear in the upper right corner and the owls face in the bottom right side and across the middle is the nose, eye and head of a dog and now that I look again maybe a tooth near the dogs nose too.....
  I just love the designs that the wax made with this one!!!
  Busy Saturday here - did about 2 hours of yard work(totally soaked in sweat by the time I was done - summer has arrived in NW Florida) Then I was off to the studio to put hardware on a painting- this one - and take pics and turn it in for the next show at ADSO. I also dropped off 2 paintings and a couple boxes of cards over at 'Stone Soup' where I have some more of my art for sale - I took over 2 of the alcohol inks ones - an elephant one and the turtles with the resin covering the whole thing and the gals seemed very enthused over them .
  I sold a painting at HH Arts this week - one of my favorites 'Fire Nebula' - I almost wish I would have kept him for myself..... but I see more art supplies in my future!!!
  Getting a bit of computer work done before going to a get together with the hubby....
  Tomorrow means more yard work and some painting time .....
   All for today - Take Care

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