Monday, April 10, 2017

Mango Koi

  Been busy in the studio playing with alcohol inks and wax, and its soooo much fun - I had forgotten how vibrant the alcohol inks are!!!
  This piece started with a stencil of the koi fish and when it was dry I colored it with alcohol inks and then did the background.
  Once the inks dried - very quickly with alcohol inks - I added a layer of shellac, let it dry a bit and then did a burn.
   I then taped off an area near the top and added encaustic wax to the areas not taped off.
  Taped off a smaller row and added some red microbeads.
  Lastly I added resin to the area I initially taped off to seal it and to add a bit extra pop and shine.
  I framed it in a floating frame with gold edges and it is now for sale on my Vangoart site. and my user name is 'Tera Fujan'

                                                                                 All for today - am off to my real job.....
                                                                                           Take Care

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