Sunday, February 13, 2011

Family Post - Paula, ROTC, Mardi Gra parade....

Just a quick family post for Sunday....
DD carried flags with ROTC yesterday for the local Mardi Gra parade so I went and got some photos (the last parade she was in was at night and I had to work...).
DH was home on standby for pick up of DS who was helping out at the middle school swim meet today (he volunteers with the MS swim team and helps coach).
I came to the parade armed with long sleeved shirt under my wool sweater because it was 27 degrees this am and a bit windy....I soon shed the sweater as the wind died and it warmed up very nicely to about 50 degrees.....great day for beads and moon pies....and photos of my girl :)....
All for today
Take Care

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Vicki C said...

Oh.. that last shot gave me goosebumps! YOU should be SO proud! How cool!
( good to get over here and look at the pretties you've been working on also).