Sunday, June 2, 2013

What have I been up to....

   We time just seems to be flying by - this coming Friday is Graduation already and its not like I have been crazy busy but busy enough and a bit lazy inbetween.
  Craft wise I have not been up to much - I have another locker hook rug almost done that I am doing with some fancy yarn - its is going to be a very thick, soft rug but I will never do one like it again. It has taken a lot more yarn than I thought it would and at 4.99 a skein and over 14 skeins and only 3/4 done - it is just too costly.....
   I had planned on starting on my DD's rug but I got to cutting fabric by hand and quickly said - no way and set up my Accu cut - only to find that I didn't have the correct tray for the super big strip cutter die - so I am waiting on that. Even if I don't get it until the end of the week - I would have probably still been cutting by hand anyway.....
   Well this first set of pictures is my DD running the Gate to Gate run on Memorial Day on Eglin Air Force Base - I got off work just in time that morning to catch the start of the race and see her off and then I sat in the nice morning sun to catch some pictures as she finished up.
   The last bunch of pictures is from yesterday - we went with friends on their new boat for the day. First we popped over to the area where the Pirate Festival was going on - mind you this was about 10 am and the place was already fairly jammed with boats and party hardy folks - the Pirate Landing (the 'Main' event  - wasn't even scheduled till 345 pm) Then we went out to claim a spot on 'Crab Island' which is a huge shallow area by the Destin bridge - it is usually packed every weekend (a little less so this weekend ) They have a food barge and even a band that plays on a barge next to the food barge, a huge inflatable slide and lots of people in little boats toodleing around selling boiled peanuts, ice cream and even pizza - in addition to all the boats, jet skis, paddle boards and kayaks....
    It wasn't very crowded when we got there - nice sea green and turquoise water and a great breeze....although it was much more crowded as the day went on. We left about 4 and I didn't get too sunburned - lots of sunblock and sat under the canopy a lot.
   Well I did a bit of yard work this am and some computer time so now I guess its time to do a bit of house cleaning - we have family coming in starting today for Graduation at the end of the week and I am really looking forward to it!!! I took 2 weeks off work  too :)
  By the way - I do plan to try and participate in my favorite challenges over at Flourishes and Impression Obsession as the summer goes on but if you don't see me much don't worry - I am going to try and get my DD's locker hook run done before we go off to college and it is 32 by 60 and along with spending some extra time with my girl and helping her pack (and maybe start moving some of my craft room over to her room :) - well I may not be around here as much as usual and now you know why :)
   All for now - Have a great weekend!!!

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