Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tarot Tangle

  Well its 1 am and I cant sleep - only slept about 4 hours after getting off work Monday am and was falling asleep on the couch while the Hubby and I were watching tv and then go into bed and BING wide awake so I will finish posting a few things (pre-scheduling) here and maybe be able to catch a few winks before morning - ah the wonders of working night shifts.....
   I was asked to do up a set of Tarot/reading cards and so the next few days you will be seeing a lot of these - they are 4 by 6 inches and backed with some nice sparkly heavy gold cardstock.
  The front of this one is one of my original tangles that I copied and colored in and then added some swipes and drips of gesso for a distressed/graffiti type look to it. The edges were done with a gold metallic pen and the back is stamped and embossed in black with stamps from Papertrey Ink.
   I am doing the backs all the same and using a lot of fairies, mermaids and steampunk. I plan to do up about 50 cards so then she can pick from them - a typical Tarot deck is 44 cards - I have 10 done so far so a good start :)
   All for tonight - Take Care

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