Monday, May 2, 2011


As you can see by the post I am in Chicago - attending NTI which stands for National Teaching Institute - 6 days of Critical Care specific classes and other events too.
I had a little time to walk around town friday afternoon when I got here but really hadn't taken too many pics yet.
One thing I found curious was all the old water towers - there were too many of them around town for them to be not in use - course maybe some are and some not....
These first 2 I found right across the street from the convention center - not sure where I was with the second and the third is right downtown just a block or 2 from the river.

I left the beginings of summer in Florida to a nice cool spring just getting underway here in Chicago. There are alot of tulips and daffodils and the trees are only just begining to bud.
The flowering tree is in front of a brownstone only a block from my hotel and it literally sits within inches of a bright shiny steel highrise.
I have found a great little Italian resterant only 2 blocks from my hotel that is very yummy.
All for today..
Take Care

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