Friday, April 29, 2011

Braggin' Post


Friday am, waiting at the airport, headed for Chicago for the week for a Nursing Critical Care Convention and week of education......

Had to get these photos up for the family and friends.

These are photos from Wednesday nights JROTC Awards night.

Paula took 6 different awards - Including Cadet of the Quater , Outstanding Cadet Award and Distinguished Cadet Award .

In addition to Paula's awards it was really nice to see that her group of friends took so many of the awards also. It was lots of fun for me and her Dad too.

The 2 yound men with Paula in these photos are a great pair and they might roll their eyes at me for the last photo but I just couldn't resist - it is such a great photo!!!! These guys are Eathan and Jon.

I tried to get a picture of Jack but he refused to let me - he looks very sharp in his uniform too (although he could use a bit of a hair cut right now....)

Ok I am back - had to fly :)
Good flights, on time, although $30 for a taxi to my hotel was an ouch....but the hotel is really nice and I an headed out for a walk with my camera and to find some lunch.
Checking email and finishing up here while I let my phone charge a bit....

I don't have anything crafty lined up for this week so you won't see me much here - I may have Chicago and convention pics if I have any time to spare :).

Take Care

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