Thursday, June 23, 2011

Exit Glacier

One last Alaska post and then I hope to have something crafty to show you tomorrow.....
On tuesday the kiddos and DH went out fishing and I went hiking (I am not that into fishing). I hiked up to Exit glacier in Seward - I hiked out to this glacier 20 years ago in the spring with my dear friend Paula. When we did it there was still alot of snow on the ground - we were hip deep in snow and still couldn't see the glacier very well so we ended up climbing a really big rock (covered with ice and snow....the rock we climbed is picture #3 - the glacier at that time was right at the rocks edge and you could see the top of the glacier towering over the rock).
This first picture is how Exit looks today, the second picture is of one of the signs at a viewspot that shows where the glacier was in 1995 (we hiked the glacier in 1991 ).
After hiking I spent some time wandering the gift shops in Seward.
Wednesday am the 4 of us went Kayaking in the bay (with a group and a guide of course) for about 2 and 1/2 hours - none of us had kayaked before so it was a fun and funny experience.
I did not bring my camera but Paula brought a little disposable so eventually I may have some pics of our kayaking....
After kayaking we ate lunch and headed back to Anchorage to catch our plane at 8 PM - we got back to hot/muggy Florida about 1130 today. I have unpacked, did laundry, did a bit of cleaning, took a nap.....Thanks to my good neighbors, all my critters are happy and well, and happy to see us back. My old meow was especially happy to see us, and my pooch was just as happy :)
And I am happy to be back!!!
We had a great time and we had incredible weather - normally in Alaska you can expect to be rained on at least 50% of the time but we had very little rain. We got rain the first day and a little rain (but mostly just clouds and gloom) on the day we went on the boat trip to see the galciers and that was it....of BTW the DH and the kids got to see whales on their fishing trip!!!
All for today
Take Care

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