Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flight seeing over Denali

Just a quick note - backposting....
I had a little down time friday afternoon so I downloaded some pics and got them up for everyone.....
We got in late tues. night/early wed. am and after sleeping late we did a bit of driving around and out to Eagle River AK to do some hiking and one of my favorite places from when I lived here.
It was a cloudy wet misty day on wednesday but thursday morning looked better. It was cloudy when we first got up but started to clear out and by the time we got to Talketna for our flight seeing trip the weather was beautiful.
This first picture is the view off the porch of our 'condo' and the rest are picture of the first part of our flightseeing trip. More pics of when we landed on the glacier for my next post.

We flew around Denali , Foracker and over Ruth well as others....
It was really breathtaking and it looked so close!!!
All for today
Take Care

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