Monday, June 20, 2011

Seward and Prince William sound

A short note and off for the day - backposting again from tuesday am....DH and the kids are going fishing and I am going to do a bit of hiking and bum around some of the art shops here in Seward, Alaska....
These first 3 pics are the view from our 'cabin' here in Seward. I say 'cabin' but its pretty fancy for a cabin and the kitchen is bigger than mine at home :). The views from the great room(kitchen and living room all in one) are incredible. The porch is right off the great room . The first picture is straight out overlooking the stream and a bald eagle up in the tree. The next 2 pics are looking left and right at the mountains - one of the mountains has a big hanging glacier in its bowl. It was a little cloudy when I took these pics so I may have to retake them because today is sunny and sooo clear - right now the sun is right at the top of the mountain top with the glacier so will have to wait to retake the pics till this afternoon.

The last 6 pictures are from our glacier tour out on Prince William sound.

The first one is of a group of sea otters - I don't have a zoom lens on my digital camera so this was as close as I could get.

The next picture is from the first glacier we stopped at - I took a picture of a spot I thought was likely to break off (or calve as its called) but naturally the glacier calved at a totally different spot - but I managed to catch most of it in the next couple pics :) Its pretty impressive to see a couple tons of ice break off and fall into the water.

Well its time to get a moving for the day - Take Care


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