Saturday, June 18, 2011

More Alaska pics

A few more Alaska pics for you - from our travels on friday.
The day was so clear early in the am the we could see Denali from Anchorage which is rare - it is harder to see in the picture but this first picture here shows both Denali (on the right) and Foraker (on the left) in the backround.
We then drove south around the inlet to Alyeska ski resort.
The flowers up here are incredible - the begonias in my pictures are a full 6 inches across!!!
All for today - not sure if I will have internet in Seward so we will see.
If I do have internet I will post pics from our trip out to Mat-su glacier and our hike up on the glacier next....
Take Care

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buggin2stamp said...

Wow! All of your pics from your trip so far are amazing. How fun to walk on the glacier. I would love to do that some day.