Sunday, June 5, 2011

Overrun by Pirates

Hallo - or rather Aaaarrrgggg!!!
Pirates have once again overrun our town - for the 56th year in a row.
It was a hot and steamy Florida day but we (DH and I) arrived about noon and set up the lawn chairs so we would have a good view of the whole battle :) (and a bit of shade...)
During the hours waiting for the arrival of the Pirates we had several local groups performing, and a Pirate group telling storys and singing Pirate songs.....we also got treated to several dance sessions and a limbo contest - lead and particiapated in by the ROTC group from my kids HS.
This first picture is them leading the 'chicken dance' - DS is in the red hat and DD is hiding behind under the tree taking pictures (far left). They also did the macarana, and a couple others....

The Bowlegs Pirate festival is always alot of fun - we have been going since the kids were very small (4 and 3 years old) was kinda weird for the DH and I sitting by ourselves this year - course the kids would do more wandering around than sitting but this year we hardly saw them and they even drove seperately as they had to be there early to help set up and stayed later to help clean up....

Well time to get some lunch and mabe some craft time before I head off for work tonight.

Hope you had a great weekend!!!!

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