Sunday, December 16, 2012

A few more Christmas cards....


Just a quick one before I get dressed to go to work tonight. It was a pretty day that I slept through....warm if a bit cloudy. Maybe I will get lucky and it will be warm AND sunny tomorrow!!!

Another one of the simpler cards that I did this week to finish off my Christmas cards - I did aout 8 of these, the coloring goes quick and I didn't use alot of layers.
The stamps are from Flourishes and colored with prismacolor pencils.

I then ran it through a texture folder and used gold mettalic rub on the texture and a gold mettalic pen on the edges - on one I used red ink for the edges.

I haven't said much about the tragedy at Sandy Hook - what is there to say - horrible that it happened and deplorable the way it was reported...making a celebrity out of the poor deranged soul (??soul??) that carried out this vividly horrible massacure. I quit listening to the news very quickly as the reporters seem to have forgotten that they comit themselves to the truth and facts - at one point there was several different stories - he shot both his parents first, no just Mom, also shot a guy in Florida before his parents, that his Mom was a teacher at the school.....

All I can do is PRAY and find a way to get to know my neighbors and my community and do what I can where I can....and HUG my family often!!!
Take Care and God Bless

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