Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Glitz and Sparkle

     Well I have had a busy morning so far and when I am done posting my decision will be if to stay busy or not.....I am feeling like a nap would be REALLY sweet - and I do have to work tonight so need a nap sometime - but on the other hand the house could use a bit of cleaning (more than a bit....sigh)
     I was out the door early with Kyna puppy/personal trainer and we went for a long walk in the woods(bout an hours worth) which she just LOVES (she gave me such a look when we got back to the car, like "why are we stopping now?).
     Then I took pictures of a few ornaments I made - including this one - and boxed 2 of them up with the last of my Christmas packages to mail and made a quick trip to the post office, then the grocery store and then the BX (military mall type store/s)
  I finished off Christmas for DH and the kiddos - need to wrap those yet though...
  Well I guess I will at least wrap the Christmas gifts I got today before a nap.
  On to todays project - I have had this idea in my head ever since I saw this post by Karla  at Karla's Cottage which was back in november but you might want to take some time to look around as she has eye candy like you would not believe!!! Matter of fact - I may have to try some stocking for my kiddos from one of her recent posts!!!!
  I have a dozen or so doilys around here somewhere but when I went diggin in my stash, all I found was 2 so I guess I make have to make a safari later this week to find the rest.
  This doily is about 4 inch round and I used one of the ornaments topper stamps (from Outlines) that I have been decorating bulbs with lately and glued it to the doily along with some strands from old necklaces that were broken (gagrage sale finds) and in the center I put a clasp from an old necklace that had some rhinestones on it.
  The ornament toppers was stamped and embossed in silver onto a sparkly white paper and then cut out. This would normally be the second layer of the topper as I cut off the edges  and then glued on all the rhinestones (the stamp has spots on it just made for that).
  I mailed this one off this am to a friend of mine - It was my favorite of the 2 I did (show you that one in a couple days)
  The current challenge over at Flourishes is to make a 3D ornament and this works perfectly . I have an idea for one done with a Flourishes stamp that I hope to finish on friday but will enter this one just in case I don't get it done :) (kids are out of school so who knows....)
  CHeck out the challenge here -

   For some reason my internet connection is being haywire this am so I had better get this posted and let it settle itself down a bit :)
   Take Care

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