Friday, December 21, 2012

Sparkle, and more sparkle

  Another night of work behind me, and 3 nights off ahead of me!!! :)
A quick walk with my puppy,  a note here and a nap will be the plan for the morning and early afternoon. My teens are off school starting today - one is in house with one of his buddies staying over to play xbox and DD is over at a friends till this afternoon. Then I am going to torture them into some house cleaning and maybe some yard work :) (although it is pretty chilly here this am...)
  I have for you today another of the rhinestone ornaments - the base of which is a rubber stamp from Outlines, embellished with rhinestones.  
    I stamped and embossed in silver on a white shimmery paper and glued 2 back to back.
    I then glued rhinestones to both sides with chrystal laquer. I added a vintage earring to the center of one side and a larger rhinestone to the other.
  I then used a beaded piece as a hanger.
  It sparkles very nice in the sun or the lights of the tree!!!
   All for this morning....sleepy.....
     Take Care

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