Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Doves

  A bright and chilly saturday morning here in NW Florida - brrrr - my puppy insisted on going for a walk anyway!!! And then she ran around the back yard like a crazy pup for another 20 minutes after our walk - she has a new toy that she really loves called a cyberbone (hard but still chewy rubber with rows of knobbys for her to chew on, and being rubber it bounces nicely when you throw it too :)
  The fam and I went out to dinner and then saw the Hobbit - I have always loved the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings - read then for the first time about say 35 years ago or more (WOW that dates me a bit don't it.....) They did a brilliant job on the movie and I can't wait for the next 2 parts of the story!!!
  Showing you some last Christmas cards - pretty simpe ones as I ws running out of time (as usual....) The dove and holly image is a stamp from Flourishes - colored with prismacolor pencils.
   I then ran the panel through a texture folder and sponged on some ink to highlight the texture. I used light purples, blues and teals to color the doves so on the first one I highlighted with purple and layered to purple cardstock. The next 2 I highlighted with teal and layered to navy  and teal cardstock for the last 2 pics.
  Well I had better get a move on - I NEED to clean house this am and am determined to have some crafting time too!!!
  Have a great weekend!!!

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