Monday, December 31, 2012

Foxxy girl

  Just a lazy morning here on New Years Eve - the puppy has had her long walk, the teens are still asleep and I have a warm purring cat on my lap and a sweet fuzzy pup at my feet as I type :) ahhhhh yesss
  Well I haven't posted much lately as I am determined to finish up one of the Christmas projects that didn't get totally done because my eyes/ambition outstriped my time.
  Last year I bought a bunch of ornaments after Christmas on sale intending to make ornaments with them this year.....well,  come this year I forgot I had them and bought a bunch more to make ornaments with - and I did get a bunch done, but when I was breaking things out for one of my craft fairs I came across these ornaments from last year....well combining lasts years and the ones left from this year came to about 4 dozen - YES 4 DOZEN!!!!
  Well I determined to finish them off before storing them away for the year....then I made a trip to the thrift shop (looking for something else entirely and determined not to even LOOK at ornaments....) and came home with another 2 dozen......(nope not addicted, not at all.....)
  So as of this am I have finished 3 dozen, with 2 dozen regular ones to go and then another 2 dozen that I want to do with colored rhinestones instead of clear - a dozen or so in pink with pink ribbon charms to hang off the tips. I have had a hard time finding pink rhinestones in the 4mm size - I had looked at at least 6 different sites with no luch until yesterday I had a brain storm - EBAY (as I slapped my head for not thinking of it some days.... :)
   Well leaving you today with some pictures of my sweet little Kyna - she is a bit over 7 months old now, sweet, smart and energetic - she only wears her halter when I am in the house with her and awake otherwise she chews it off (been through 4 halters in the last 2 months - with many duck tape repairs inbetween).....the first 2 are in the living room - yes I interrupted her nap - and the last is on squirrel patrol in the back yard.
  I am scheduled to work tonight but am kinda hoping we don't have many patients and I can be on call - now that I said it ....won't happen....but already am one day short on the paycheck due to being on call so all for the best either way.....
   Have a wonderful New Years everyone!!!!

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Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Beautiful charms ! Thanks for stopping in at my blog, Shirley