Tuesday, December 18, 2012


  Its an early morning for me - but waiting for a bit more daylight before taking the puppy for our walk.
  I took these pics yesterday afternoon and am surprised they turned out so well - it was cloudy and murky outside. This is from the camelia bush by my front door - she finally decided to bloom, only 2 blooms so far but in a day or so will be covered in blooms :)
  I just love the curvey petals on these, especially in the center. And they are such a bright pinkish red color too!!!
  I think I need to get a few more of these bushes - I wonder if I can find one in a dark purple?? :)
  All for this am - may be back with crafty stuff later depending on the errands list and how quickly I can cross things off.....
   Take Care

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