Monday, March 18, 2013

Fairhope Arts and Crafts fair

  Welcome to Monday afternoon - worked last night and slept for a few hours after taking Sweet Kyna for a walk - its still trying to decide if it is going to rain today or not. Very humid and warm today - feels good!!
   Friday a couple of my girlfriends and I went over to Fairhope, Alabama to their annual Arts and Craft fair. Pat and I have been going every year for who knows  how long now. Ocassionally Fran joins us like this year. It makes for a great day - friday is the first day and it is usually the least crowded. We make sure to get there as everything opens and make sure to not miss anything, eat lunch early before the crowds and then look some more. I seem to be the one that usually spends the most - this year I was the ONLY one who bought anything....
  I love looking at all the eye candy and would love to buy all kinds of stuff but alas the budget doesnt let me do that.....I try to take pictures of things I would like to buy so if/when the budget allows I can go back and get them but not many folk will allow pictures (and face it without pictures I forget what caught my eye - not to mention, not everyone has a web site and often what caught my eye is not on the web site anyhow....)
     So for the few folks who allowed me to get pictures - I will do my best to link them up here for you all too and it will help me remember to boot :)
    These first 2 pictures are of some really cool beaded strands - you know the ones made to hang down and cover a doorway - they are not really 'beads' - although there are some beads included it looks like. Most of the pieces are wooden shapes of many types and all of them are covered with designs and color. Most of the designs are rubberstamped which of course is right up my alley - I even have some of the stamps she used so that was really cool - I could not stop looking at them!!! I really want some for my new craft room when I get into it this fall (or late summer) and I am thinking that my DD might want one or 2 for her dorm room in college (although I haven't had a chance to show her yet - I worked night shift, 12 hours, the last 2 nights, so haven't seen the family much...)
   So in addition to the beaded strands Patricia and her hubby Jon - who I spoke with  - they have great boxes too - he does the woodworking and makes the boxes and she is the stamper :) You can find them on Etsy at TattooDreams ( ) or their web site - or their blog


Now I have to admit - I have lost the contact info for the next 2 pictures - I remember she didnot have a web site but was on Facebook....I am hoping to find the info in my stash so will update when I find it.....
  These next 2 pictures are very cool chalkboards and of course I love the horse ones best - another cool thing I would love in my up and coming craft room - (if I keep this up I may not have room for my crafts...)

These 2 pictures are from a booth that was like the second booth we looked at when we arrived and where I spent my first and biggest amount of mulla - but I now have the DH's Fathers Day gifts from me and the kids :) - I won't show you those since he might just stop in - but I can't resist showing you one of the small BBQ grills - made from mini loaf pans, a Harley spark plug and other odds and ends of metal things, and then the bigger BBQ grill is made from one of those old metal lunch boxes (my Dad used to carry one to work every day :)
Here is his web site -
   He has boats, snowmobiles (may need to get one for my brother...)  a camper made from a toaster - all kinds of stuff!!! And the pics on his web site are much better than mine so you need to stop in!!!

This next picture made me think of our friends  in Virginia - not sure if Mike really likes pigs like I think, or its just a running joke over the last, oh 20, years but anything pigs tempts me to buy it for them :) This is a big pig made from assorted pieces - looks like a metal drum and an old basin or planter. I thought he was really cute :) The gal - Amanda -  at 'Garage Studio' was nice enought to let me take a picture - you can find them on Facebook -!/thegaragestudio - they have lots of cool stuff on the FB site too - love the oyster shell candle holders which I didn't remember seeing at Fairhope...

   The next picture is a dress form that I really loved from '55 Gallon Studio' but I didn't see it on her web site -  But the drum deer she has on the web site she also had a Fairhope and he is really very cool too - would love to have him in my front yard!!!!!
   The last 3 pictures are of the other purchases I made at the craft fair - the first is a small bottle tree for my backyard just off my patio. It didn't come with the bottles but the DH has been saving bottles for me because of the big bottle tree in my front yard so I had enough to fill this one up right away.

   The last 2 pics are of metal flowers with small blue bottles for centers - the bottles did come with these - they probably won't stay in this spot, but good for now - looks like these are going to rust out which will be cool for the flowers anyhow (don't really want the trees rusting out but for the flowers - they looked good) . The vender of the flowers didn't have a card that I could find and were very busy so I didn't get a chance to ask....and the bottle tree vender I am still trying to find that card - I know I had it (they have been at Fairhope fair for at least several years running now and have alot of cool metal animals and a big huge bottle tree trellis that I was really drooling over but REALLY not only could not afford but have nowhere to put it, but it was really cool!!!!)
   Alright - enough for today - I really should pick up around the house a bit and try to do something first day off I really drag, not enough sleep, but if I sleep all day them I am up all night keeping the family awake...and there are certain errands that really can't be done at night, (my neighbors might be alarmed if I decided to get out and weed the flower beds at 3 am).....
   Take Care

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