Friday, March 8, 2013

#4 Watercolor class

  Well this is my last class for this year - I am planning on teaching again for the second session next year. (first session will be a bit tight on time with getting DD off to college and school starting - wont have any time to work on the class over the summer - I have to start waaayy ahead of time because of that thang that always seems to mess up my crafting time - work.....too bad the work thang is what funds my craft budget ....)
  I was a really bad girl this last week and my craft budget is now trashed until  - oh about the end of the summer - I have some fun new toys on the way though  - a Grand Mark from Accu cut which was on sale for 200  dollars less than it normally costs. I have had some dies from my friend Vicki Chrisman -  that I have been wanting FOREVER!!! ( and a couple other of their dies that #1 were too cool to pass up -  #2  the accu quilt dies to cut fabric strips for my newest addiction - locker hook as it is the same machine and all the Accuquilt Studio dies are interchangeable with the Accucut Grand Mark.....and someday when I decide to get back into quilting it will make it easy to add some quilting dies (thats the part I didnot like about quilting was the cutting of all the pieces).
   Well enough blathering....todays class we combined watercolor with the blendable pencils. I asked the class to have a watercolored piece done ahead of class so it would be dry to work on with the pencils.
    What I often do when I combine the 2 is do a light base color of watercolors to more or less block in the colors or if I am working on just cardstock instead of watercolor paper I will often just wash in the backgrond and then color all the rest with pencils.
   I did one of todays images onto the watercolor paper and the other on cardstock - cryogen white.
The trick to using watercolors on regular cardstock is minimal water - so pick up the color with a drier brush than you would with watercolor paper as the cardstock is not nearly as absorbent and if it gets to wet may pill or warp. The cardstock will warp a bit any way but the more water the more warp. I usually let my cardstock dry mostly and then put it under a book to dry the last little bit as it helps it to flatten out a bit.
  Once dry you can add pencil on top to finish coloring your image - pencil onto watercolor paper is definatly not as smooth going as the cardstock but gives a different look and can add some nice texture too.
  Both of todays images are from Flourishes - and we used Koh-i-noor pencils and watercolors.
   All for today - off to the couch to do some more work on my locker hook project.
Take Care

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