Saturday, March 23, 2013

Finished rug and puppy

   Well I finished off my first big locker hook project - I think I will use this one as a rug in my new craft room (when I get into it sometime around the end of the summer :)
   I didn't follow a pattern - I just layed it out on the floor and drew out a design with a sharpie.
   The canvas started out as 30 by 36 but the finished rug is a bit smaller than that.
  My sweet puppy Kyna was 'helping' me get pictures of the rug so I grabbed a few of her too - she doesn't like getting her picture taken mostly so I don't often get her to sit still.....
   I already have another project started - it will be the same size but I think this one will be more for a wall hanging - browns, yellows and turquoise blues - yellow flowers,  and with the flower centers and edges  of the rug in the browns, with turquoise blue sky.....
   All for today - back to hooking :) - I got the pup out for an hour walk and did about an hour yard work before the rain came today, even got a quick trip to JoAnn's (checked out the on sale fabric because I had a coupon for 25 % off even sale items which works great with stuff already on sale :)
   Have a great weekend!!!

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