Saturday, March 16, 2013

Paula's first 10 K run

    It was a beautiful sunny day here in NW Florida!!! Slightly cool but only a little breeze.
    Paula ran her first 10 K run today (6.5 miles) and placed second in her age group which I think is Awesome for the first time running in a competative race!!!
  The first 2 pictures are from the start of the race and I couldn't see Paula at all in the crowd - she was somewhere near the back of the pack.
   She took her phone and gave me a quick call as she got within a few blocks - just long enough to let it ring and then hung up. The street coming up to the finish line  didn't have much of a view so it was nice to know she was coming to get my camera ready.
  The last picture is one of Paula and Kyna.
  I brought Kyna with us to the race today and for a first time in a crowd of people (and some dogs) she did very well. A bit excited but she settled down pretty well. Although when we were waiting in the crowd at the finish line with everyone yelling and screaming she was not to happy with that, and then I had to move about half a block up because they had some guys playing the bagpipes and that totally freaked her out....
    After Paula finished we hung out for awhile and then my DH picked me up and we went out on the Harley for a poker run - I only did part of it and he ran me back home and went on to do the rest on his own. With me having to work tonight I needed to get a good nap in - especially since I was up early to watch Paula run :)
   All for today - gotta finish getting ready for work.....
       Take Care

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