Monday, September 16, 2013

Encaustic Addiction...and craft room pics

   Well it is 130 pm and I worked last night and haven't been to sleep yet - going to try and stay up until normal people bedtime now because if I do go to sleep I will be down for the count and probably wake up at 3 am, wide awake.
   I had an art class this am from 9 till noon - encaustic wax painting. I took this same class last year at this time and since I haven't quite got my craft room completed yet, I decided to take it again.
   The first pic is a group of my least favorite from today - I started with my favorite colors - purple and teal and those turned out really well, then I decided to switch colors and did some in red and green and then did 2 of them over in mostly reds.....
   The second photo is the very last one I did today because after going back to the purples and teals, I was determined to get something in reds done that I liked and I do like this one - gold, red and orange.
   The second one in a frame I did with light purples and silver and then used a rubber stamp of an oriental woman and dipped her into melted dark purple wax and quickly stamped her onto the background.
  The last 2 wax pics - 2 groupings of 4- are my favorite of the day and will probably go into a frame sometime very soon!!!
   The last 4 pics are of my new craft space (i.e. - DD's former room :) Its not totally finished but about 98% for IN the craft room - I am going to still be taking up some space in the dining room (aka old craft room) until I can get a move on and start doing some more stuff :)
   Okay dokay - I had better get out of this chair and keep moving or sleepys will catch up to me....
     Take Care

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